Since ancient times, chai has been a daily tradition shared with friends and family all over India. Served several times a day, this freshly brewed blend of black tea, milk and exotic spices is the perfect beverage to soothe your soul and refresh your mind.

The faraway Indian city of Jaipur, famous for its royal palaces, colorful culture and romantic charm, epitomizes the ancient chai tradition at its best. Jaipur Avenue is your instant passage to this magical land through an enthralling chai experience you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Let our all-natural, flavorful chai be a part of the memoirs from your daily “voyages.”

Although chai tea has recently become quite popular in the US and around the world, it is nearly impossible to find authentic Indian chai outside of home. Most of the chai lattes available in stores and cafes are either too sugary, sometimes too spicy, or something that leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. While it’s always best to brew fresh chai from scratch, it is not an easy task to accomplish away from home. The idea for Jaipur Avenue for the international marketplace was thus born in 2008 to address this “dire situation” around the world with an all-natural instant chai that tastes just as good as the freshly brewed homemade kind.

Jaipur Avenue is an unmistakably authentic-tasting chai with a great body and full flavor. The low sugar content (only 10 grams per serving) satisfies health concerns and appeals to the modern palates that appreciate the flavor of tea and spices without excessive sweetness. It is no surprise that our products are rapidly gaining recognition as a chai tea that tastes great and is better for health.

PICTURED: Hawa Mahal—a palace in JAIPUR, India, constructed of red and pinK SANDSTONE in 1799.