PCITURED: Assam Tea Garden, lowland and Brahmaputra River Valley, Golaghat




Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea Mixes are made with just the basic, all-natural ingredients: Assam black tea extract, spices, cane sugar, and partially skimmed dry milk (if present). No food colorings or preservatives are added. Partially skimmed dry milk is obtained from grass-fed cows and is free of rBGH and melamine.

Manufacturing Facility

Value Beverages, Inc. produces and packages Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea Mixes under stringent quality control in an ISO 22000:2005 certified facility in Mumbai, India. The manufacturing process involves mixing of the four ingredients in commercial blenders. The resulting chai tea mix powder is packaged in food grade metalized PET (polyester) film (same as the material used to package chips, energy bars, etc.) to preserve freshness. The individual packets are packaged in recyclable paper boxes or plastic bags.

The facility generates very little wastewater (from washing the blending bins), which is transported to a local wastewater treatment plant. The manufacturing process does not produce any solid waste. The cardboard and plastic packaging materials of the ingredients are completely recycled.

Value Beverages, Inc. is certified by the Tea Board of India—a government organization under the Ministry of Commerce & Industry—to manufacture and export tea products. It provides employees with health insurance and other benefits as stipulated by the state government.

Ingredients Vendors

Assam black tea extract, cane sugar, and spice extracts are sourced from reputable companies that are members of the Tea Board of India, Indian Sugar Mills Association, and the Spice Board of India, respectively, and follow the sustainability guidelines outlined by them.

Assam black tea extract and the various spice extracts are produced by environmentally friendly processes that use hot water and steam distillation for extraction (as opposed to chemical extraction methods that can be hazardous to environment and human health).

Rainwater harvesting is used to secure water for growing sugarcane, and the waste generated from sugar mills is used to produce green biofuels, thus reducing carbon footprint.

Partially skimmed dry milk powder is obtained from a company that sources rBGH-free milk from their own network of dairies, private local suppliers, and co-operatives in the state of Maharashtra, India. They also assist dairy farmers by providing them with:

· Training in clean and safe milk production
· Cattle management
· Comprehensive veterinarian services for cattle health care
· Hygienic kettles for milk collection
· Milk chilling and storage facilities
· Fodder seeds and chaff cutters for fodder production
· Personal accident and cattle insurance

Effluent from the milk processing plant is treated at the onsite wastewater treatment plant. The reclaimed water is supplied to local farms for organic horticulture and fodder cultivation, and the solid waste is used as biofuels to produce green energy, thus reducing carbon footprint and fostering sustainability.




We are committed to supporting non-profit organizations that are doing incredible work in the fields of art by women and minority artists, girl child education, and environmental protection.

Over the last five years we have actively supported the following organizations:



Tasveer (Picture) curates thought-provoking artistic work of South Asians through films, forums, visual art, and performances that engage and empower the community.


Aaina (Mirror): South Asian Womens’ Focus is a festival that celebrates and focuses on the artistic and activist work of South Asian women through performance art, visual art, films, workshops and conversations aimed at highlighting issues critical to the empowerment of SA women.

Nanhi Kali

Project Nanhi Kali (Young Petal) aims to provide primary education to underprivileged girl children in India via academic support, material support/kits, and community support.


The Kiran Anjali Project

The Kiran Anjali Project’s mission is to provide guidance and financial support to institutions providing education to disadvantaged children, especially girls, in India.

Sound Experience

Sound Experience is a Puget Sound-based environmental and youth leadership organization that uniquely delivers its programs aboard the 133’ historic wooden schooner Adventuress.


Seattle News & Information is a member-supported radio station that brings cutting-edge international and national programs to your favorite digital device.